Surfing FOR US IS swarupa

Surfing is a dance with the elements. The intense roar of the wave quiets the Mind. The Sun on your face, water rushing beneath you, the wind swirling around unite you with the present moment, when you are at your best. Surfing connects you to your Swarupa.


Surfing for the first time? No worries! We assure you of an awesome first experience with all the knowledge and equipment for you to catch your first waves. We know that this is a crucial moment in a surfer's life so we will take good care of you. 

If you've been catching waves for awhile, we will coach you to advance onto the next level. Our video recording sessions helps one to focus on improvements based on the professional feedback given by the instructor. No matter your skill level, our local Surf instructors will guide you throughout enhancing your surfing experience. 

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