Document the moments you feel most in love with yourself.
What you are wearing, who you are arround, what you are doing.
Recreat and Repeat.
— Warsan Shire

Buried under the boring mundanities of our everyday life, lies our True Nature. We are so caught up in the cobweb of our desires and emotions - a successful career, perfect relationships, happy life, stable future and the list goes on... In the process we fill ourselves and our lives with stress and negativity. Life has much more to offer than just the EAT-WORK-SLEEP-REPEAT lifestyle.

A while ago I started to wonder what would I like to work/live on for the rest of my life. If I could choose the perfect job, what would that be?

Of course the first 3 things that came to my mind were surfing, yoga and traveling but I thought the idea of living on that seemed like a dream. So I kept my search on for other things I could do. I worked as a tv and events producer, chef or any other cool job that came into my way. In the mean time I kept traveling, practicing yoga and surfing in every country I was living. 

One day the realization struck me and I said to myself  ¨I cannot picture myself doing something different than surfing, practicing and teaching yoga and traveling¨. It was obvious I should do something about it but I was afraid of following my dreams. Then I shun all the negative thoughts and jumped for it!

And thats the spirit I want to share with every single person I meet. Doesn't matter if its a success or a failure. I'm happy doing what I love.

Hence began our journey to explorelearn and share our lives with the world while we have fun, surf, practice yoga and travel.

We all need a time off. So break free and set out on a journey to connect with yourself and the nature.

Thats our mission to help you come back to your source, Your Swarupa.